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Enroll low-frequency RFID cards from the Kisi dashboard

We’ve made it possible to enroll and assign low-frequency RFID cards (e.g. HID Prox) from within the Kisi web dashboard.

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Add RFID credentials from within the Kisi web dashboard

Updated on December 01, 2022

Written by Katalin Haverinen-Varga

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At Kisi, we aim to support as many types of credentials as possible, so our users can access their spaces however they want: with the wave of a hand, with our highly rated mobile apps, or by using high-frequency NFC and low-frequency RFID credentials such as cards and fobs.

For an even smoother admin experience for adding credentials, we’ve now made it possible to enroll and assign low-frequency RFID cards (e.g. HID Prox) from within the Kisi web dashboard.

Enroll and assign RFID cards by entering facility and card code #

We currently support the following types of RFID cards:

- HID H10301 (26 bit)

- HID H10302 (37 bit)

- HID H10304 (37 bit)

- HID Corporate 1000 (35 bit)

- C15001 KeyScan (36 bit)

Kisi administrators can enroll and assign these either via the Credentials tab from the left hand navigation, or on a specific user’s details page under Credentials.

  1. Click on Add credentials
  2. Under the By token (Card Code) tab, open the Card Type dropdown
  3. Select your card type
  4. (Only for HID 10301 and HID 10304) Enter the Facility Code

Note: The Facility Code may be printed on the card and represents the facility or building the card belongs to. It’s the same for all employees at a location.

5. Enter the Card Code

Note: The Card Code is often printed on the card. It is unique and is used to identify the person it has been assigned to.

6. Type in the email address you want to assign the card to

Navigate to the details page of the credential that was just added to see the card type and code displayed.

Search cards by facility or card code #

Along with this improvement, we’ve further expanded the credentials search functionality to allow admins to filter the list of credentials by facility code, and to search for individual cards by card code.

Let us know what you think! #

Do you have a card type that’s still not supported? Help us help you – please share your thoughts with us at so we can make Kisi even better.

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