Top Software For Employee Monitoring

By Bernhard Mehl
May 05, 2020
Top Software For Employee Monitoring

When done properly and legally, employee monitoring software can help to improve employee productivity. This is because, as an employer, you can monitor exactly what your employees are doing on their computers during work hours. In addition, you can track how many hours your employees spend working. 

Below is a list of the top 10 employee monitoring software applications in 2020 to help you improve efficiency in your business. 

Best Employee Monitoring Software 2020


ActivTrak monitors workplace productivity and provides analytics to help give employers insight into what their employees do during work hours. This employee monitoring software is affordable and offers a number of useful monitoring and security features. 

These features include tracking hours, blocking certain websites, capturing screenshots, and proving analytics to help organizations gain a better overview of their business.


Teramind is a very flexible software application for employee monitoring. It enables employers to view their employees’ computer screens in real-time or at the end of the day. This allows employers to analyze how long certain tasks took to complete. 

This employee monitoring application has both cloud-based and self-hosted versions.


Hubstaff can help you accurately track your employees’ work hours. This is especially helpful when it comes to monitoring remote employees. It can track computer activities, hours, the use of different applications, as well as monitor invoices and payroll to ensure that all employees get paid timeously. 

This remote PC monitoring software is affordable and has several different plan options to suit your business needs. 


Veriato offers both employee monitoring and threat detection in one convenient software package. Ths software for employee monitoring allows you to monitor remote employees as well as those within the office. It provides productivity reports and alerts for certain activities so that you can see what your employees do during work hours. 

iMonitorSoft EAM

Employee Activity Monitor by iMonitorSoft offers real-time alerts, monitors clipboard activities, website use, keystrokes, and different applications. This software for employee monitoring allows employers to monitor around 1000 different computers from a central server and dashboard. 

You can also group various computers by department or location, which makes it an ideal remote PC monitoring software. 


Spyrix is an easy-to-use employee screen monitoring software. It provides features like time-tracking, productivity evaluation, screenshots, application activity, and remote control settings. 

Spyrix can also access the target computer’s webcam for video and audio recording. This allows you to monitor exactly what is going on in the office when you are not there. 


Work Examiner

Not only does Work Examiner monitor employee work hours but it helps schedule reports. It is very user-friendly and easy to set up so you don’t need your IT department to do it for you. 

This software is great for employees who just want to track work hours, control website use, and implement basic employee surveillance. Some of its features include real-time screenshots and recordings of messages. 


Workpuls employee monitoring software is easy to install and very user-friendly. Employers can utilize this software to track employee attendance and overtime. It can also be used for payroll to ensure all employees get paid on time and with the correct amount thanks to its payment calculator. 

This software is perfect for companies that pay by the hour.  


When it comes to software for employee monitoring, InterGuard is another great option. It monitors employee activities and can be set to alert or block certain activities to help keep employees focused.

Inetguard also has access-control features to prevent unauthorized access of data. 

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a highly recommended software for employee monitoring. It gives very detailed and accurate insights into employee activities. You can set alerts for employees to keep them focused, capture screenshots at specified intervals, and give clients limited access to see how their projects are progressing. 

Final Thoughts

All the employee monitoring software applications mentioned above are excellent tools to help you monitor work hours and track employee performance and productivity. However, make sure that when you implement employee monitoring you abide by any laws and regulations within your state. 

Bernhard Mehl

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