Set Time-Based Access Restrictions With Kisi

From self-expiring access to setting time restriction windows, Kisi simplifies how you grant access to your space.

Time-Based Access

Restrict how Users Access Your Space

With Kisi you can set time restrictions for access permissions such as recurring events, meaning that you can select which users have access on specific days and on specific hours or as a single event. This gives admins the highest degree of control while allowing them to set such restrictions in only a few seconds.

How Does This Work for Day Passes and one Time Guests?

Similarly to the way admins set time restrictions for regular users, it is also possible to share access via web links. Users do not need to download the Kisi app, but can simply click on the link and unlock the door. You can set such links to be valid for a limited period of time and only for certain doors.

Time-based restrictions for users or doors

Setting Time Restrictions for Multiple Users at Once

Time restrictions allow you to specify access options but of course you don’t need to set restrictions for each user. You can apply restrictions to a specific door or to a specific group of users, and it will automatically be applied to all relevant users.

For instance, if your cleaning staff needs access to the office once a week during certain hours, you can set restrictions for that group and control who will be added or removed from it and when restrictions apply.

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