Workplace Surveillance

Workplace Surveillance
Workplace Surveillance

The main objective of workplace surveillance is to protect the office assets and valuable information from compromising.

The activity of employee monitoring is not just for security purposes, but it is being extensively used for performance assessment and employee’s productive work contribution. According to IDC research information, 30% to 40% of the internet time used by employees is not related to the office work. Similarly, about 60% of the online purchases are done through office work time. In such circumstance, the employee monitoring becomes very critical, but strict workplace surveillance laws also apply for the same.

Workplace Surveillance in Physical Access Control Security

Workplace surveillance plays vital role in the physical access control security systems to improve business and asset security. The main contributions of workplace monitoring in access control include:

  • Helps detect suspicious activities of employees and visitors
  • Helps in preventing data theft and office asset damage
  • Improves the personnel security in the office
  • Helps tracking any intrusion or activity in the past
  • Helpful for fixing access control lapses responsibilities
  • Useful in applying for security compliance certification for the company

Getting Started with Workplace Surveillance

Workplace surveillance laws prevailing in the industry, state and the country of business must be followed strictly while implementing the employee monitoring, which may differ from country to country and state to state. The fundamental things to consider for getting started with the workplace monitoring include:

  • Study the applicable privacy and confidentiality rules
  • Devise the employee monitoring system that fits into the regulations
  • Ask for the vendors/providers of surveillance solutions
  • Get the customized quote for your solution
  • Sign an agreement with the third party to complete the installation that fulfills regulatory requirements and agreed conditions
  • Test and verify the installation as per agreed rules and guidelines
  • Document the entire operations and privacy policy
  • Regularly maintain the records and systems

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What to Consider for Employee Monitoring

Workplace surveillance laws are the major factors that should be considered for employee monitoring. Those laws many include:

  • Applicable authority code for regulation compliance
  • Privacy policy agreement
  • Local industry guidelines
  • Local and national rules
  • Workplace ethics and social rules

Workplace Surveillance Laws & Regulations

Employee monitoring laws differ in different parts of the word. Here are the ones for the USA, EU and Australia.

USA: NPFA 101A and NPFA 101B and a few others

European Union: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Australia: Commonwealth Privacy Amendment Act 2000 & Workplace surveillance Act 2005

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