How to Unlock Your Door With Kisi

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Tap to unlock

Different Methods to Unlock

We're simplifying physical access by listening to your needs. All of the access methods shown here are part of our core product and work with the same hardware and software.

Keycards and Fobs

  • Kisi Pass

    Encrypted cards issued by Kisi.
  • Third-Party Cards

    Kisi supports most third-party NFC cards.
Keycard and Fob

For Admins

Admins access the Kisi Dashboard for data, real-time reporting and insight on their employees and facility. Our open API and integrations allow the flexibility and security your space needs for both day-to-day operations and emergency situations.
Kisi admin page and unlock methods

Kisi Dashboard

  • Dashboard Unlock

    Remotely manage locks from your dashboard.
  • Scheduled Unlocks

    Simplify your operations with scheduled unlocks.
  • Lockdown

    Restrict access to all doors with one click.
  • Unlocks via API / Webhooks

    Build advanced solutions with the Kisi API.

What does this mean for your company?

No matter which credential type you choose, each is bound to a single user on Kisi’s cloud system. We provide maximum flexibility for the user, with accurate data and full control on the admin side.

Did you know?

We use AI and machine learning to recognize a user's smartphone tapping pattern against the Kisi Reader, providing you with the fastest and most reliable unlocking experience of any access control solution on the market.

Top-Rated Mobile Access Control

Unlock doors with your phone the easy way. Kisi is the #1-rated access control app on the iOS and Android app stores—making it easier than ever to manage your access rights on the go.

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