The Top 5 Best Burglar Alarm Systems in 2021

By Bernhard Mehl
December 01, 2020
The Top 5 Best Burglar Alarm Systems in 2021

Building a business is a lot of work - so you don’t want security issues to bring it down. The best burglar alarms for businesses vary depending on your needs and circumstances. There are so many different options to consider when it comes to security systems, so you need to make sure that the one you choose meets your needs.

A burglar alarm can save your business in so many ways. It adds a level of security that can help to monitor your premises and decrease the risk of theft. Alarms can raise alerts when needed, and help to create a generally safer environment.

While each business is different, finding a security system that works with your needs can be a challenge. We have chosen some of the best burglar alarms out there that are suitable for all kinds of different industries and commercial uses.

In case you want a more detailed overview of all the differnt types of security systems, we suggest you visit our collection on Best Security Systems for Businesses.

The Best Burglar Alarms in 2021

Fortress Security - Titan S6

Fortress Security is a well-known brand for affordable, yet versatile security systems. Their Titan S6 security system makes for a top burglar alarm for your business’s physical location.

One of the most useful features for any security system is remote monitoring. This new Titan S6 security system allows you to monitor your premises from absolutely anywhere. You can connect the system up to your phone, which can act as your control base. This allows you to receive alerts when the siren goes off, or to monitor the status of the system. You can also remotely arm or disarm the alarm.

Another reason that this is one of the best burglar alarms is that it is completely wireless. This makes it easier to fit into different spaces, and it gives you more freedom with the installation. You can easily set the system up yourself and control it independently.

This is a smart security system that offers convenience, simplicity, and total user-friendliness. It can be connected to your phone, controlled through a mobile app, and it works with a wifi connection. A remote wireless burglar alarm like this is a great tool for any business that needs to increase its security measures with minimal effort.

Stanley Security Alarms

Stanley Security is rated as one of the best security systems for small businesses as they offer full security assessments to help you get the protection you need. They have a range of affordable solutions designed to combat both physical and cyber threats. These include basic

Stanley Security even offers custom solutions for businesses and facilities with more unique needs or multiple sites that need to be secured.

Honeywell - Lynx Touch L7000 Starter Kit

This is another smart alarm system that can really amplify the security of your business. The Honeywell Lynx Touch system can also be monitored remotely, or it can be accessed through the large and clear display control unit. This allows you to watch footage from four different cameras at once.

That’s right, this system is not just about motion sensors and alert sirens, you also get camera footage. This is a great feature for businesses, as it really allows you to monitor what is going on.

Complete with Z-Wave connectivity, this system can do so much more than just add a layer of security. It can be integrated with other smart elements such as lighting, security, thermostats, water valves, and more. This allows for more control at a remote distance.

This is one of the best burglar alarms thanks to its wide range of features and ability to integrate with a range of smart technology. Not only will it help to make your business safer, but it can also make life a whole lot easier to manage.

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Vector Security Alarm Systems

Vector Security can provide businesses of all sizes with burglar alarms and other security solutions. They aim to provide custom solutions tailored to the needs of your business. With their burglar alarms, you can ensure the safety of your business and be alerted to any intruders.

With their Vector Control app, you can control your business’s security system from your mobile phone. This makes monitoring your security system quick and easy.

Skylink Wireless Burglar Alarm

While Skylink is known for its home security solutions, they also offer some alarm systems for businesses. Their SC Series starter alarm kit is easy to set up and program to meet your needs. With door and window sensors, as well as motion detectors, this makes an excellent burglar alarm.

When triggered, it emits a siren sound and alerts up to 9 programmed numbers so that you, your colleagues, and local law enforcement can be notified of suspicious activity. This simple wifi system can be modified to suit all kinds of different spaces and businesses.

Burglar Alarms vs. General Security Systems: What’s the Difference?

Basically, a security system offers a lot more than just a burglar alarm. The best burglar alarms are designed to monitor a building and raise an alert in the event of an unwanted intruder. However, basic burglar alarms simply emit a loud noise to deter burglars and do not have the functionality to notify you.

This is why they are better for home use and businesses need more advanced security systems - like the ones mentioned above.

With security systems, you can get cameras, access control, beams, motion sensors, and mobile apps. Security systems cover a wider range of security options and can include more advanced forms of technology.

This can include remote control and monitoring, wifi connectivity, and smart system integration. Security systems are a wise choice for businesses and homes, as they can offer a more complete solution.

Final Thoughts

If you want to protect your business, then investing in the right security system is a must. The best burglar alarm needs to suit your business and space. This can make a major impact on protecting your assets, and keeping your premises secure.

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