The Two Burglar Alarm Systems For Offices: A Kisi Guide

By Matt Reilly
August 15, 2018
Burglar Alarm

Kisi is a system designed with the end user in mind. With Kisi, you can have many different types of alarm systems that work alongside the Kisi system. Many of our users want to better understand how connecting their burglar alarm system with Kisi’s system would work, and this article is meant to show you exactly that.

Our goal at Kisi is to have a seamless security experience; therefore, we understand why organizations want to have a burglar alarm system running in conjunction with the Kisi system. Often, users think an alarm system would be impossible to integrate with Kisi, but this isn’t true at all! Kisi is designed to work with the two most used burglar alarm system styles: an integrated alarm system, and a pin code alarm system. Let me explain more how the alarm connection works and how to trigger the alarms on and off.

First, let’s start with the integrated alarm system. With an integrated alarm system, Kisi will directly communicate with the system as it has to be deactivated before the door unlocks. A great aspect of this alarm style is that you can schedule it to activate automatically at a certain time (6:00 p.m., for example). That way, when your employees leave for the day, it will automatically activate to help protect your business during the off hours. Once the first employee comes in during the morning, they can swipe in like normal, and the alarm will be deactivated for the rest of the day, reactivating at 6:00 p.m., as shown below.

integrated alarm system

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Starting a new project?

Next, I want to talk about a pin pad burglar alarm system. Unlike the integrated alarm system, Kisi will not communicate directly with the pin pad because there is a certain “grace period” for the user to come in and deactivate the alarm. This setup requires the user to be cognizant of the alarm and its deactivation code. Once the user swipes into the door using Kisi, they then would enter through the door and enter the code directly into the pin pad. From there, the alarm will be deactivated, until manually reactivated by entering the activation code. Typically, this requires a dedicated individual to ensure the alarm is active at the end of the day. See the diagram below.

pin pad burglary alarm system

Obviously, pick what alarm system works best for you and your needs; but, keep in mind the pros and cons of each style of burglar alarms. My preference will always be the integrated solution, as that has less human interaction and therefore less error, but there are also times when a pin pad is more convenient for an office. Do what works best for you, and always know that Kisi will be the first line of defense against any unauthorized entry to your business.

Matt Reilly
Matt Reilly

Matt came to Kisi with a passion for learning new things and achieving his goal to help build Kisi into the industry standard.