Alarm Filter

An alarm filter is a checklist from which alarm types can be chosen to monitor. In your access control system, alarms act like the watchdogs of your space. After business hours, on weekends, and even during times of high foot traffic or tours, alarms can be armed to make sure that no one is attempting to gain access to areas in which they are not permitted. As soon as they are armed, they monitor any and all activity that a certain unit, access point, or area encounters.

A crucial aspect of these alarms is the process of choosing what, exactly, they will be set up to monitor. While every space will probably elect to monitor any complete security breaches or break-ins, other activities exist in a gray area. This includes, for example, a cardholder without proper security access attempting to enter a space, which could trigger a system alarm that is sent out to all administrators. You can also set up an alarm to be triggered when a certain number of denials has been reached. By customizing your alarms, you get to decide what activities you want to watch within your facility.

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