Alarm Input

Alarm input can refer to two separate but related things: A port that is on an alarm or a device that is attached to an alarm. Within your access control system, you’ll likely have alarms attached to key points, including office doors, entrances and amenities. In the event of a break-in, breach or any other security issue, your alarm will alert you of the problem. Alarm inputs allow the alarm to detect the threats that might jeopardize your business’ assets. Common types of inputs include devices like motion sensors and smoke detectors.

To understand alarm inputs, consider a computer. At its core, the computer is just a processor and a collection of circuit boards.You type on the keyboard and click on things using a mouse, both of which are input devices that help the computer function. It’s the same kind of system with alarm inputs. When you attach an input to an alarm, you allow the alarm to do its job.

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