Alarm Output

An alarm output can be two unique but linked things: An output relay port on an alarm panel or any device that is attached to it. Alarms will be placed on crucial points throughout your access control system, monitoring anything that you want to protect from intrusion or harm. When an alarm is triggered, your system will alert you of the issue so that you can respond. But alarm outputs allow your security system to go one step further and actually respond to events in real time. Common outputs include sprinklers and alarm speakers.

To understand alarm outputs, think about a computer. Your alarm panel is like the circuit board — crucial, but impossible to use without some kind of input and output devices. Think of the alarm outputs as devices like monitors and printers, which allow the computer to respond to input and relay that back to you. Alarm inputs work through your alarm panel’s ROM, meaning that they work with your system’s firmware and are reliable in responding to issues. This way, if there’s a fire, the sprinklers go off and save your facility in a matter of seconds.

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