Alarm Panel

Access panels are centralized devices that connect access card readers within a certain area or office. Alarm panels, then, are devices that can be attached to those units to further improve your facility’s security measures. They are specialized circuit boards that contain multiple alarm inputs and outputs, which, when connected to an access panel, keep your system’s alarms in-sync. It’s kind of like a nervous system for your existing network — when even a single alarm is triggered, the entire system is notified. This only happens when you or your system administrators have armed the alarms for that specific access panel, including after business hours or during times when visitors are in the space.

For example, if an alarm is triggered when a person tries to enter without permission, the information travels to the alarm panel, then to the access panel, then to the larger system within seconds, giving your facility the ability to alert the necessary authorities almost immediately after the alarm is tripped.

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