Canceling Alarm

A canceling alarm is an alarm that, upon arrival, deletes its corresponding initiating alarm. You might not know that there’s more than one type of alarm. The most common one is the traditional alert that something has gone wrong. But another type, the canceling alarm, is just as important, if not as visible. When an alarm is triggered for any reason, be it a fire, a break-in or simply an improper access attempt, your system will alert you immediately. From your alarm monitoring module, you can see exactly where and why the alert has been sent. After you’ve acknowledged and investigated the issue, you’ll cancel the original alarm, which removes it from the system and sends out a secondary, non-emergency canceling alarm.

For example, if a smoke alarm is triggered somewhere in your facility, the original alarm will alert you to the issue. After someone investigates the issue and verifies that there is no problem, you will then send out a canceling alarm, which alerts all other system administrators that there is no longer any cause for concern.

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