Mask Alarm

Mask alarm is an action that prevents events from any selected alarms from being reported to the system. Although any alarms will continue to be triggered as usual, masking them prevents any of the selected alarms from being treated like real emergencies, meaning that alerts won’t be sent out and no other steps need to be taken.

Masking is incredibly useful when you know that your facility will be going through events that would normally trip your alarms. For example, when a group is touring your facility, you’ll likely hold doors open for longer than you usually allow, triggering a held open time alarm. But if you plan ahead and mask these alarms for the duration of the tour, your system will not be alerted when they’re triggered, which prevents unnecessary stress or emergency measures. Masking also works well if one of your card readers stops working as well — now employees can swipe their badges as many times as they need to without causing worry over diddle count.

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