What are the various ways to protect your garage?

There are many ways to protect your garage door locks from breaking or compromising. A few important ways are discussed here. If you are looking more in general to door alarm system solutions, check out our dedicated article.

Install Lock Shield/Reinforce

You can secure your garage locks by installing shield on the garage door locks, which will reduce the chance of breaking the garage door locks. You can also install lock reinforce on the locks of small doors of the garage commonly known as service doors.

Install Garage Alarms

The garage door break alarm is another important system to save your garage from any burglary. There are numerous types of garage alarms that can be used, such as motion detection based alarms, microwave radiation, infrared based and video based garage alarms and others.

Garage Door Timer

There are many types of software enabled security locks available in the marketplace that can be used as garage alarms and security system. You can set different timers on the garage door for automatic closure. This is a standalone solution used for garage door security system.

Integrated Security System

You can integrate the garage door security with the integrated access control system of your home. This will send you alarms in case of any breach in the garage door locks. This system is the latest and sophisticated system commonly adopted in the modern building security.

How do garage alarms work?

A garage-alarm system works based on the signals received from the door sensor, which is commonly coupled with the magnet installed on the doors and windows. The sensor is installed in the window/door frames

When any door or window opens, the sensor detects the breakup of electronic circuit. In response to the circuit break, it sends the signal to the control unit, which will turn on the siren device to generate alarms. Simultaneously, the notification is sent to the security agencies or the monitoring agencies for help.

The modern garage sensors are integrated with the main controller through wireless technologies.

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Points to take note

Always, take note of the following main points before deciding for a certain garage alarm system. It should:

  • Have a robust hardware
  • Have a reasonable battery backup
  • Be compliant with the local regulations
  • Support multiple levels of alarm modes
  • The siren sound should be more than 100 dB at least
  • Have option to suppress and configure the true/false alarms
  • Support wired and wireless technologies
  • Be simple and easy to use
  • Support do it yourself (DIY) feature
  • Have easy repairing and maintenance
  • Be compatible with all existing systems
  • Be affordable

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