Kisi Wireless Contact Sensor

Real-time remote monitoring for your doors. Coming later this year | $199

Kisi contact sensor

A connected door sensor that cuts wires

The all-new Kisi Wireless Sensor is a piece of tech that fits right into your connected office. The completely wireless design and connected architecture make installation fast and monitoring simple, without sacrificing security.

Kisi contact sensor
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    Live door status

    Know the precise moment a door is opened or closed.

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    Configurable data streams & alerts

    Customize alerts and automations around the status of your Wireless Sensor.

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    Connect sensor events to video snapshots

    Integrate Kisi with your surveillance cameras for more data-rich reporting.

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    Export and analyze insights

    Easily export access events from the Kisi dashboard.

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    Monitor capacity and space utilization

    Gather precise data when people enter and leave your spaces.

You won’t miss a thing

With Kisi you can customize push notifications to trigger based on the status of your Kisi Wireless Sensor.

kisi places

Deploy in minutes

Setting up your contact sensors is incredibly easy. Simply attach the sensor to the door, use the unique token to assign to a place and a Reader, and start streaming data right away.

Real time visibility

Kisi’s cloud mesh technology connects Kisi Wireless Sensor to your Kisi Reader Pros, which enables instantaneous sharing of data to via the cloud. All of this happens via the ultra-efficient 6LoWPAN protocol.

kisi contact sensors
kisi dashboard
kisi reader
  • Designed to last

    Kisi dashboard

    Ordinary wireless, cloud-connected sensors drain their battery with a year. The Kisi Wireless Sensor has a battery life of at least 5 years and has remote battery status updates when it’s running low.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Kisi security

    All data collected and transmitted by the Wireless Sensor is encrypted and authenticated on send and receipt to prevent data corruption and alteration.

  • Unique design

    Kisi door sensor

    A simple, sleek and compact design makes installation easy on any door while completely eliminated the need for cumbersome wiring.

Product specifications


  • Height:  

    3.66″ (9.3 cm)


    1.57″ (4.0 cm)


    0.71″ (1.8 cm)

    Wireless Contact Sensor (A)
  • Height:  

    1.57″ (4.0 cm)


    0.47″ (1.2 cm)


    0.43″ (1.1 cm)

    Magnet (B)

* The final product dimensions may be subject to minor changes.

Kisi sensor


Kisi side sensor
Kisi magnet


Kisi side magnet

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