Why Haven’t You Considered Facility Security?

By Bernhard Mehl
December 14, 2018

While there is no headline-grabbing news about the level of crime in workspaces, some employees attest that their workstation has fallen victim to robbery. Important documents, expensive headphones and wallets can go missing. Needless to say, these incidents cause a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and unhappiness that affects employee morale and the reputation of your company over time.

Another common problem is when an employee brings their friends or family to work without asking the appropriate person so that they are accounted for. Former employees can also drop by unannounced if they remember the code on your entrance door or didn't return their key during off-boarding.

It is vital to ensure security across your premises, including parking lots.

What is facility security?

Having a facility security plan requires some initial investment, but it saves you money and trouble in the long run. It's important to pay attention to three vital areas: Building, space and information protection.

Safety starts from the perimeter. Ensure that your space is secure even before people enter it. One example is making sure that your parking lot has barriers that allow access to members only. For extra protection, video surveillance and good lighting is recommended.

Reliable access control is also essential to the physical security of your space. It can serve as an authentication and identification tool if you enforce mobile access control. An integrated alarm system will protect the space from a break-in and works in tandem with a cloud-based access control system.

As a digital security measure, make sure that each user’s firewall is configured properly and that you install a VPN service on users’ computers to ensure encryption of all data. Computer security locks and private lockers will help protect your employees devices when they leave the space.

Mobile access control is a safer alternative to legacy access control systems, like pin pads and keys.

It is essential to conduct regular audits to identify possible security hazards and potential violations. Fire control, HVAC, and electrical components should not be overlooked, either.

Bernhard Mehl

Bernhard is the co-founder and CEO of Kisi. His philosophy, "security is awesome," is contagious among tech-enabled companies.

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