Best Gym Check-In Software

By Bernhard Mehl
September 13, 2019

Thanks to technology, running a gym is now easier than ever. You can find a tool for automating, centralizing, and streamlining just about any task that you might need in your facility. Nearly every gym check-in software will help make managing your gym easier and will facilitate the point-of-sale payment processing and allow for automated billing. Membership management, including client tracking and retention, is made easy with gym check-in software. 

Every gym is unique and will need a different gym check-in system to fit their individual needs. Here are some of the best gym check-in software, and what kind of gym they are right for. 

The Best Gym Check-In Software

Zen Planner

Zen Planner was designed by fitness entrepreneurs and experts and is an all-in-one fitness business management and scheduling software. Using the Kiosk Mode on Staff App, it streamlines the guest check-in procedure. It allows you to check-in guests quickly, as well as monitor each member’s performance and progress. By using the Zen Planner app, staff members can quickly locate each particular member and check them into a specific class. 

Other features include scheduling, staff management, and payment processing. Zen Planner can help you track students who might be able to move up to the next level of classes and streamline the registration and logistical procedures. 

Zen Planner is perfect for boutique studios, martial arts schools, yoga studios, and affiliate gyms. 


Virtuagym makes it easy for you to check-in guests with its fitness management software. It helps make the user experience easier while automating business processes like invoicing, scheduling, coaching, and marketing. 

What set’s Virtuagym apart is its ability to integrate RFIDs, barcode, magnetic strips, and fingertip scanners into its system. To check-in guests, connect your RFID or barcode readers to Virtuagym. Members swipe their card or key tag to get access to the gym. Once they swipe, you can gain insights into their attendance habits. 

Virtuagym does more than check -in your guests; you can customize the gym check-in system to fit your individual needs, including a membership management system. Through this software, you can create different levels of memberships, including day and multi-day passes, and pay-as-you-go credit systems. It helps you to upsell to visitors on other products and services your gym might offer. Like many different systems, Virtuagym has an easy to use retention dashboard to track membership analytics like retention, acquisition, and customer purchasing behavior. 

Virtuagym is suitable for all types of businesses, including gyms, personal trainers, studios, and more.



MINDBODY is used by industry giants, like Orangetheory Fitness, because it has everything you might need to run a gym. If you are looking for a way to check-in guests that also has tons of extra features, then this might be the gym check-in software for you. Its features include appointments, pro shop, and scheduling. Clients can check themselves in for classes through the app, and it will even notify them of any remaining visits. 

One thing that sets MINDBODY apart from other gym check-in systems is its ability to integrate with other programs. Therefore, you can choose to incorporate a custom app for keycards, email marketing, and even workout tracking to help enhance your customer’s experience. 

Overall, it is a well-developed software that can be customized to fit the needs of your gym. Through MINDBODY, you can even create your own branded mobile app, which helps to market yourself more to customers and generate potential leads. The app allows you to send out push notifications to your users to promote sales and products. It also allows you to create very detailed reports to help you when making business decisions. 

MINDBODY is designed for any sized gym or personal trainer who wants a check-in system that is versatile. 


Pike13 was designed to help appointment-based enterprises and can handle all administrative processes easily, like attendance tracking, billing and payments, check-ins, payrolls, reporting, schedule management, and more. 

Pike13 is one of the best gym check-in systems because of its accessibility. It uses cloud-based capabilities, so your gym members can schedule appointments, workshops, events, and classes anywhere. Through the app, you can check in your clients for each individual class. To sign in, they can scan a barcode or QR code, or enter in their phone or email address. 

As a gym owner or manager, you can see the history of all your members, schedules, and their profiles. Pike13 is accessible through the desktop, tablet, or  mobile device. 

Another advantage of Pike13 is that it is easily integrated with outside partners, like Reserve with Google, InfusionSoft, Listen 360, and many more. You also get access to visual analytics, a branded mobile app, and more. 

Pike13 is perfect for gyms, yoga studios, and martial arts schools. They also focus on swimming, music, or dance schools, as well as sports instruction.

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