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The Best Gym Management and Check-In Software in 2024

Here are the top gym management systems to scale and modernize your fitness business.

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Gym membership management software

Updated on January 04, 2024

Written by Bernhard Mehl

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Many gym operators have experienced the frustration of keeping track of all the administrative tasks at a fitness center. The good news is that gym management doesn’t have to be expensive and burdensome. With the right gym management system, operators can centralize, automate and streamline tasks.

In this article, we briefly delve into the pros and cons of some widely used gym management software. Some of the features we take into account include the scheduling capabilities, cross-channel support, analytics features, and the richness of the CRM. Here’s our comparison of the top 13 gym management systems:

The Best Gym Management Software in 2024 #

Glofox #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

Glofox is rapidly emerging as one of the best software on the market. The reasons are many: dashboard, graphics, and user experience are top-of-the-market. In fact, the biggest fans of the app are the users! This allowed the company to flourish at an early stage and it's what gives them a competitive advantage today. Great features and a very efficient support make this app one that you should certainly consider when opening a new facility or when in need of updating your current technology. Moreover, Glofox integrates with Kisi allowing users to streamline access management and ensure permissions are always in sync! #

An image showing the gym fitness management software on multiple devices

Exercise is an all-in-one platform offering anything from online classes management to client automation features. Trusted by thousands of businesses, covers the needs of both physical training facilities and virtual or remote fitness businesses. They also offer an integration with Kisi to facilitate access management for staff, members and visitors.

Gymflow #

gymflow home page

Gymflow, like many software on this list, offers several features for booking and administrating your gym or wellness facility. What sets Gymflow apart from many competitors, however, is the fact that the solution comes with many additional features dedicated to increasing customer retention and engagement that you can add to the customer's dashboard.

Another Gymflow advantage is the pricing for sure. As a matter of fact, the solution comes with two price points: the Standard and the Pilot Program. Standard users will pay around $199 per month which is pretty in line with the competition. Pilot Program users, however, will only pay $99 and that's because they'll regularly have feedback sessions with the product team at Gymfklow helping them to progress the software.

If you're looking for a great gym management software, we definitely recommend you look into their product offering. Because of the quality that Gymflow brings to the table, we have partnered with them to create an integration that raises your facility's ceiling in terms of security. Check it out here.

Zen Planner #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

Zen Planner is an all-in-one management and scheduling software for fitness businesses. The software’s online logbook makes it easy to track member performance and advance them to the next level of training. Zen Planner gives an overview of member profiles and allows you to design personalized workout routines. It’s easy-to-use scheduling features come with class tracking, time monitoring, embeddable calendars, and automated reminders. Other features include payment processing, inventory management, and an integrated website. Zen Planner can integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp, and other popular applications.

Mindbody #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

This cloud-based solution for managing clubs and scheduling appointments is suitable for small to medium-sized gyms, fitness centers and personal trainers. The features on Mindbody include appointment booking via Facebook, waitlist management, online reservations and automated scheduling of texts and emails. You can also create and manage memberships through the software. Mindbody features marketing tools that let you launch targeted marketing campaigns and staff management features such as check-in/check-out, payroll, calendar integration and role-based permissions.

Gymdesk (formerly Martial Arts on Rails) #

gymdesk dashboard

Gymdesk simplifies enrollment and management of members while empowering admins with planning tools and marketing features. Originally developed with a focus on martial arts schools, today Gymdesk offers a solution suitable to all sorts of gyms and fitness centers. #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared is an online booking system that manages various functionalities, including accepting/managing appointments and selling different services. The booking website integrates with Google Analytics and various payment platforms. The software’s user interface is fully integrated and easy to use for both clients and managers. Clients can book appointments on any device. has a promotional system that helps you generate leads and boost sales.

TeamUp #


Providing the best management software for fitness studios, boxes, and gyms remains TeamUp’s mission after a decade on the market. Being the consistently most recommended fitness software, they have helped thousands of business owners expand their businesses to welcome more customers, launch new venues and franchises. What makes them different is that they don’t upsell but offer everyone the same levels of service. So their customers pay for how many active customers they have per month, and not based on the features TeamUp offers. Complete booking platform, online payments, financial reporting, classes (including online), courses, single events, mobile booking app, website widget, Zapier integrations, and their free import service are available to all regardless of size or growth trajectory.

Their latest integration with Kisi grants an additional layer of security and full facility access control. It smoothly syncs with customer and staff data so you can create and customize access groups and access periods for all staff and members. Book a call with TeamUp and learn more about the benefits of being a Kisi user.

Mariana Tek #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

Mariana Tek is definitely one of the favourite gym management software of our customers. The main features, such as bookings and reservations may look similar to the ones of the competitors but do not let yourself be fooled by this. What makes the app stand out is the great performance of the app and its seamless customer experience. The app, in fact, is maybe the better designed gym management software on the market and features many marketing and CRM features that are not only great for the admins but also for the consumers that will never have enough! Mariana Tek is also the favourite app of Chris Beer, one of the consultants that we have interviewed recently. She said:

Mariana Tek is the gym management software to watch. The founders, [...] are the architects who built, managed and scaled the technology platform at Flywheel Sports, widely recognized as one of the best technology programs in boutique fitness.

10to8 #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

10to8 automates the daily operations of a gym while giving the business a professional look. The features available on the software can be useful to a fitness center of any size. It’s an especially attractive solution for a fast-growing gym because it’s easily scalable. 10to8 provides a smooth customer experience through the easy creation, cancellation, or rescheduling of appointments at any time. You can use 10to8 to create booking forms, monitor appointment history and automate email reminders.

Virtuagym #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

This all-in-one fitness management software adopts a holistic approach that balances training and nutrition. Its main feature is an integrated membership management system that allows different membership tiers — including day and multi-visit passes — that runs on a pay-as-you-go credit system. With this tool, you can create a pass for ten visits, manage access to classes and upsell other services or products. Virtuagym’s retention dashboard captures membership analytics and integrates with commercial keyless access systems.

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Teamsnap #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

Fitness managers can use this club management software for team organization and streamlined communication. Teamsnap can handle website design, brand-building, membership registration, club coordination, team communication, schedule management and database management. Its online registration feature automates data capturing and payment processing. Managers can sync the software with bank accounts and build a professional website for marketing. Teamsnap has Facebook integration and open APIs that let you integrate other business software.

EZFacility #

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

This gym management software is an all-in-one cloud-based solution with a variety of flexible features. EZFacility is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, meaning customer data is facility-protected and secure. With this software, you can schedule physical resources and organize clinics, events and classes. It can handle administrative tasks such as RFID member card assignment, service selling, text and email marketing, and relationship management. EZFacility fully integrates with Google Calendar, Google Outlook, Smartwaiver, Reach, and various accounting software.

Bottom Line #

When looking for a gym management system, take into account all the considerations above and give preference to a system that meets the needs of your members. Go for a gym management system that balances the priorities of your personal trainers versus those of the managers. An ideal software will have features that cover everyone’s priorities.

In addition to an easy-to-use and reliable gym management system, a gym also needs secure door entry systems that allow for the smooth flow of traffic. Common door entry systems for gyms include keypads/readers with access codes, access card and key fobs systems and turnstile and barrier systems. Cloud-based solutions offer advanced access control systems in which staff and clients use access cards or smartphones to access the facility.

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