A new access experience: MotionSense

No need to reach for your phone. Unlock any door with a wave of your hand.

Kisi MotionSense

Touchless access just got a lot better

Kisi's MotionSense technology detects your authenticated credential (your smartphone) as you get closer to the Kisi Reader and allows you to unlock the door by simply moving your hand in front of it. Zero contact, no need to reach for your phone, and ultra-fast unlock times.

MotionSense saves you time, ensures a touch-free experience, and maintains a high level of security as only authenticated users in front of the door are able to unlock it. It can also be combined with an automated door opener to create a truly frictionless access experience: high security, no touch, no credential to hold.

Touchless Unlock

How to enable it?

In the hardware management section of the Kisi Dashboard you can select which unlock methods you want to enable on your Kisi Readers.

How to enable MotionSense

Simply enable MotionSense and let your users know that they can now unlock doors this way.

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