Tap to Unlock Technology

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Tap to Unlock

Tap to Unlock is Like “Apple Pay” for Your Doors

With Tap to Unlock, users can tap their phone against the reader and gain access within less than a second. As opposed to in-app unlocks, which require users to unlock the phone and use the app, Tap to Unlock works even when the phone is locked and the app is not open. This is a setting the administrator can enable or disable depending on company policy.

Which Communication Protocols are Used?

On iOS devices, Bluetooth is used to communicate to the reader, while on Android devices, Tap to Unlock is powered by NFC technology. Both technologies offer a superior user experience which makes Kisi’s ability to be multifunctional with both, the highest rated access control app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Tap to Unlock Mobile Access Technology from Kisi

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