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Choose, Scale, Manage: Dynamic Access Control Systems

Obviously, finding access control suppliers that will be able to follow the dynamics of your particular operations is the preferred alternative. In the process, it’s important to know the difference between a tight and a loose safety grip, and how to find access control mechanisms that support these diverse needs.

For example, the main office located in your company headquarters can be equipped with a central access control system that monitors all distributed locations. If you have a number of remote offices, you’d take it from the center, but also reverse the planning process: It’s vital to mirror the access via all control points the other way round. In this way, you’ll get an idea of who gets in and out, as well as when this happens in both directions.

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‍Biometrics can support single-factor authentication

Many companies are used to offering access to members with proximity cards. It’s the industry standard. Yet, they come with disadvantages - they get lost, stolen or damaged. Only one lost card can create security issues for the entire facility. When left unprotected, card violations produce extra work. In terms of time, managing risks in multiple access levels with cards and keys is quite the burden. If you choose access control keys with mechanical locks, you may save on short-term costs but expose your company to security threats in the long-term.

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Security Layers, Multifaceted Protection and Audit Possibilities

One very basic point to keep in mind when you search to find access control systems is the layer of protection you need to build around your business. Layers can be scaled to fit variations from the periphery to the highly-secure central business premises. Think in circles. They can be adjusted to several company departments or multiple satellite offices and direct whatever and whoever can go pass the access points. If you share an office, access control suppliers can tell you how to organize your coworking space so that you keep it safe, pleasant and productive at the same time.

The second aspect of the available tools you need to consider before you choose access control is the nature and the value of what you protect. Data, property and people can be protected electronically or mechanically. As a general rule, the benefits of electronic access systems are tangible for all your business resources on a wide-scale level. If we take a look into the future, as data becomes more present and important, so will electronic access control software take over. Mechanical solutions will become either outdated or supportive.

Another very important element to be included when looking to find access control platforms with the optimal security performance is the possibility of keeping an audit trail of the different events in your security network. It’s no doubt that when you monitor all access points from an individual web platform, there is plenty of choice for integration. This works regardless of how many system segments are integrated into one network or how far are they distributed from a central monitoring location. You can opt-in for modular access control alternatives, and make it all work within the already established physical security system, supported by mechanical locks. Access control suppliers can suggest the appropriate combination of electrical locks, advise on how to combine them with budget-friendly web or mobile access control tools or develop tailor-made encryption with secure cloud computing.

Picking the right access control system largely depends on what industry standards you need to meet, how many resources you have at your disposal and what’s the type of business you are running.

If we could summarize the process of finding the perfect access control in one sentence, it comes down to being capable of following the course of numerous processes in a network, sort of managing multiple vectors at once. An ideal platform is definitely one made on-demand that doesn't cost much and provides real-time online updates.

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