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How to Build a Slack Doorbell in 5 Minutes

This is the original guide on how to build a Slack Doorbell – the first one of it’s kind in 5 minutes.

First of all thanks to Alexandre Delivet over at eFounders for the amazing product requirement to build a Slack Doorbell!

It not only helped us but it made us feel like “we are not alone with this problem” and part of a office hack community so we  went ahead to build it!

Check this out:

For businesses who share spaces with others, we know that the doorbell rings all the time for visitors, guests, service people, deliveries, clients and sometimes new interns or hires who do not have a key into the office yet.

It’s really troublesome especially if you fall under the group of people who are too lazy to bring the key or key fob to the restroom (speaking from personal experience) and instead resort to ring the doorbell the old fashioned way! 

The problem we WERE facing

At our previous location where we shared the space with two other companies, the volume of the doorbell speaker was turned down because the buzzing become so annoying and distracting for everyone in the space. People only hear it when you are at the front desk. The problem is that (understandably) office manager had better things to do than waiting for people to arrive at the door.

With a traditional doorbell, the office manager had to stick around the front desk to be able to hear the buzz. But with our Ring Doorbell integration,  any doorbell notifications are now silently pushed to the smartphone

The solution

Watch how it works:

The idea is: When a visitor presses a doorbell, it pushes a “doorbell ringing” notification to a slack channel. Anyone responsible and authorized for the door can be added to that channel, where they can unlock the door remotely via KISI.

Building the Slack Doorbell

And the best part? It’s really quick and simple and you can build it in 5 minutes (ok maybe 15 minutes if you want a little fine tuning):

Hardware you need to build a Slack Doorbell:

  • iPad (in our case we used an iPhone)
  • Wall attachment like this one (In our case we used strong velcro tape since our building is pretty secure)
  • Power adapter (We don’t use it as we prefer to charge the Iphone every night and that way you make sure people don’t ping you at random hours)
  • Couple of tools and screws to mount stuff on the wall (That’s what we didn’t need since we use velcro tape)

Software you will use:


Set up a new channel in Slack called “doorbell”.

If you don’t have Slack, you have to set it up first. To set up a channel, you can press the “+” next to channels and create it.


Get the “Do Button” App from the App Store

After creating an Account, you have to add a new “recipe”. For the channel you should choose “Slack”.



Customize Recipe: We named it “Doorbell”.

Select the Slack Channel (doorbell-channel in this case) and the message can be as simple as “ringing the door”.


After creating the recipe, save it and you should see a huge “doorbell” with a slack icon.

That’s it! Press and check your slack channel!

Since the “Do Button” runs off of IFTTT, you’ll see the message appear something like this in Slack:

Awesome! Once you see this notification popping up on your mobile, you can unlock the door from your meeting room, from the kitchen or wherever you are in the office without missing anything.

Brought to you by Kisi, a technology driven physical access solution powered by mobile, cloud and IoT.
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