Physical Security Training

By Matt Reilly
July 26, 2019

Businesses, whether small or medium enterprises are at risk if their assets are not guarded. Many businesses ignore the importance of keeping their eyes on their physical assets, such as hardware and sensitive documents in favor of technical threats such as malware and the hacking of databases. In this day and age when phishing, hacking, and malware are rampant, it is not uncommon for business organizations to forget or neglect physical security. An organization’s assets that are protected using the technical security techniques like firewalls and anti-virus software is useless if physical penetration into the organization’s facility is not prevented as well. Online physical security training can help prepare employees to protect an organization’s vital information, files, documents, and database.

Though they are not always advertised, businesses regularly suffer physical break-ins for many reasons: for monetary gain, corporate espionage, or for personal reasons to harm specific people.

Though daunting for small and mid-size businesses, physical security is not an impossible task. The biggest security lies in the conduct of the employees and implementing a few common-sense policies. With the right training and tips regarding security, anyone can become an expert on physical security.

What is Physical Security?

Physical security is comprised of measures set up to deny unauthorized persons access to a company's data, facilities, and resources. Other forms of security threats that physical security helps a company prevent are:

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Terrorism
  • Espionage
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire

Different security layers are employed, such as CCTV surveillance, access control protocols, and many other measures. This form of security is different from the traditional layers of security of a company such as a fence, warning signs, security lighting, and restricted access points. Physical security guarantees that there will not be a successful intrusion in an enterprise’s asset by unauthorized persons.

Physical Security Training

Online physical security training is designed to help organizations guard themselves against threats that emanate from natural disasters, vandalism, terrorism, hacking and more. At Kisi, employers are guided on how to utilize and handle physical security components to protect their organization. Risk management and analysis are part of the courses taught to employers regarding physical security. Persons and organizations that are willing to learn about this form of security are in the right place. They will come across physical security specialists that are well trained and have many years of experience to help them understand the physical security fundamentals. Those who attend the training courses will at the end of the day acquire the dexterity to protect an organization from unauthorized access.

Kisi is one of the most reputable and respectable organizations in providing free online physical security training. Individual students, agencies, and companies are eligible to enroll in physical security training courses.

Elements of physical security to maintain good security include:

  • Barbed wire
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Water sprinklers
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Mantrap (if necessary)
  • Motion detectors
  • Key cards and many more.

Benefits of Physical Security Training

Access Controls: You will be able to access the controls of a business organization and prevent strangers and attackers from gaining unauthorized access.

Become Knowledgeable in Security Surveillance Equipment: Security surveillance equipment such as CCTV, motion detectors, key cards are parts of the tools to achieve optimum physical security of a business facility. They are best used when a specialist has guided a business or physical security administrator on how to use them.

Quick Intervention to Security Threats: In a situation where a security threat arises, necessary action and backup of an organization’s data will be made to avoid its loss. They are stored in an area where access will not be possible.

Remote Management: It is not possible that you will be physically present to keep surveillance of the business facility. At Kisi, you will be able to monitor and manage access rights from anywhere.

Access Control: Access control enhances security at a business facility. Access control courses are offered at Kisi to enable you to know how to effectively utilize this security measure. How to use the parts and features are explained so that you will be able to use them in boosting security.

Physical security is rapidly gaining attention. It is one of the best safety measures business facilities can adopt. At Kisi, we offer the best professional security training courses to help you gain total control of your business.

Matt Reilly

Matt came to Kisi with a passion for learning new things and achieving his goal to help build Kisi into the industry standard.