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How Kisi Helps The Farm SoHo With Automation

We had the opportunity to sit down with Lucas, Co-Founder of The Farm SoHo, to talk more about how Kisi has helped him to manage the space more effectively with automation, and learn more about his automation plans in the future. Thanks for sharing these insights with us, Lucas!

The main working area at The Farm SoHo

Can you start by introducing The Farm SoHo?

As its name suggests, The Farm SoHo is situated in SoHo, Manhattan. What makes it different from other shared workplaces is that it capitalizes on every opportunity to automate its operations using technology, enjoying lower overheads as a result. This also allows their community manager to focus on other aspects of increasing member satisfaction, so churn is minimised. The Farm also provides fully serviced spaces for its members, and has the option of entire branded floors for larger, corporate members.

Front desk with iPad for signing in

What does Kisi help you with now?

The Farm offers different tiers of membership plans, and Kisi plays a significant role in ensuring a fuss-free access experience for all of The Farm’s members, which they themselves have come to love.

One other Kisi feature that The Farm enjoys is the ability to build their own solutions with Kisi’s open API. This means being able to automatically provide door access to a member once he has signed up with The Farm. This portion fits in perfectly with the highly automated end-to-end process which The Farm has for its operations of signing up new members. In a nutshell, Kisi allows for a seamless operation and automation of processes for The Farm, significantly minimising their staff overheads as a result.

The checkout process of a new member is as follows:

  • Sign up and create an account with The Farm
  • Member information is sent to Kisi
  • Frontdesk database gets updated so information is already set up when a member arrives at The Farm
  • Member’s access to the doors is automatically granted based on membership plan

What tools do you use to automate?

Zapier is excellent for automating workflows with its ‘If.. Then..’ function. On the users’ end, the signing up process with us is a breeze. On our end, Zapier ensures that every step of the checking in process is completed.

We also utilise Loop and Tie for sending out $10 gift cards to members who convert. It is really useful to show customer appreciation, and preferred over Chipotle’s gift cards which required more time and effort to keep track of.

James, community manager at The Farm SoHo

What other portions of operations you are looking to automate?

We are looking to automate monetizing conference room usage and are really excited that Kisi is making this possible through google calendar integration. We can have the door locked when it’s not used, which will increase the conference room booking rate and add another fraction of revenue for us.

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