What are some security issues in workplace currently present?

The main cause of security issues in workplace is the unprofessional approach towards the resolution of those issues. If a proper approach towards workplace security solutions is adopted, your business can run smoothly to achieve its desired business goals.

The main security issues in workplace currently present in the marketplace are listed below:

  • Lack of implementation of modern physical access control systems powered by the latest technologies and equipment
  • Lapses in proper monitoring of the workplace environment, staff and visitors
  • Lack of budgets to implement the costly physical security systems
  • Unavailability of proper workplace security policy
  • Implementation of ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ concept in workplace
  • Excessive use of social media is also one of the biggest security issues in workplace
  • Maintenance and up-gradation of access control and surveillance systems
  • Partial awareness about the workplace security solutions and procedures
  • Regular changing of the passwords and keys
  • Using exceptions for visitor’s access
  • Leaving visitors unattended in the workplace
  • Security of communication devices and cables
  • Internal theft of data and assets
workplace security issues
Given the many security issues, you could prioritize them according to importance

Why is it imperative that you should resolve them immediately?

All these issues are very critical for affecting the businesses badly, so they should be resolved as soon as possible. The proper workplace security solutions should be implemented for every problem comprehensively so that no major security issue arises. The main reasons for solving these issues immediately include:

  • Reduction of risk factor
  • Smooth and uninterrupted business activities
  • Reduced business operating costs
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Less payments and compensations against the losses incurred due to security issues
  • Reduced health care bills
  • High level of work quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Less litigation and other expenses

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How do you go about resolving those issues?

A professional approach toward the solution of above workplace security issues should be adopted to address them in accordance with the legal bindings and industry guidelines used in the marketplace. The following steps should be followed in resolving these issues professionally:

  • Assess the workplace vulnerabilities and make a list of them
  • Get solution of each issue that your workplace faces at the present time
  • Create a security policy and procedures
  • Implement ID based automated access control system
  • Implement a CCTV surveillance system in compliance with the requirements of the concerned authorities – local, national and industry specific requirements
  • Secure and monitor ingress and egress points of the workplace
  • Implement proper badge and visitor card system
  • Make security zones based on criticalities
  • Change passwords on a regular basis as per security policy
  • No attended assets should be allowed in the workplace
  • Access control should not be overruled by exceptions
  • Proper alarm system and security lights should be in place
  • Conduct regular training and security awareness programs for the entire team at work

If all these steps are followed, the workplace becomes the most reliable and secure for the employees, assets and proprietary information.

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