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Having a proper visitor management system is more important than you think.

Importance of a proper visitor management system

Relying on classic versions of visitor management is not enough in the today’s business world. Companies that care about the impression they leave on customers, like to build a brand and invest in a solid business reputation must pay attention to establishing a proper visitor management system.

‍‍Automated visitor management system helps a busy receptionist prioritize tasks

You know the feeling when you enter an office building where staff not only welcome you with a warm smile, but also issue a personalized badge and log your details in the visitor pass management system. This action builds trust, assures that the company means business and that it doesn’t take its visitors and clients lightly. As a first impression, the company already got valuable kudos once a client is treated with care.

The value of electronic visitor access control is not only about giving that special client treatment. Among other perks, you cannot underestimate how important is an integrated visitor management system for the overall building design. It will not only amplify the worth of your current business, but also create an extra real estate opportunity: office buildings with proper visitor management systems rank higher on property listings and get higher building classification tags.  As a result, your business will attract trustworthy customers and the best talent in the job market.

With today’s affordable technology, it is so easy to use a visitor badge system and let computers do the work for you, that it is hard to imagine why wouldn’t you choose to put an electronic access control at the front door of your office building. Modern software can make the busiest door a central focal point, and additionally implement access control over multiple offices inside the building. Install a separate reader on each door, and you’ll know exactly when and who got through. Personalized badges enable this. Data recorded on the badge is stored in the system. Managers or trained security staff can access the reports and read the events log as evidence for employee and client movement.

Visitor badge system is like having an extra discreet watchful eye that wards automated security functions. Your personnel worries less, gets more time to provide quality work and do only the necessary or more complex security tasks. Visitor badge printers are small neat devices which don’t even take too much place on the front desk while solving your flow of visitors.

‍Personalized visitor badge systems enable quick identification of the movement in an office building

Knowing that you have an office visitor management system scares off intruders and criminals. Their most common intrusion tactic includes doing recce visits to workspaces with less defense. Noticing that their visit will be recorded on paper, on camera and on a computer keeps them off and in search for more vulnerable offices as potential targets.

Don't underrate the impact of visitor management on productivity and resource control. Tracking and measuring data extracted from the visitor management system offers direct insight into the number of visitors you get and can help you direct your focus toward the most active client base.

Time spent inside is an indicator of how effective a maintenance team has been. If it take just 30 minutes for one, and 2 hours for another maintenance company, the visitor access control can help you choose the more efficient one for a long-term contract.

Sometimes, a proper visitor management system is not a convenience, but a must. You may just need to meet specific legal requirements and standards. Entrusting you with a public responsibility, a special license or working in riskier industries such as healthcare and finance is impossible without having a reliable office visitor management system

Visitor management system for low-medium security office building

Employees spend a large part of their day in the office. The entire facility should enable productive work, bring out the best in the staff, in addition to being accessible, safe, and energy efficient. Visitor access control is an important issue to take care of. Although the comfort may be a priority for a low-medium security office building, an office visitor management system can help in both comfort and security.

If your office building is classified as low or medium level risk, the data you do business with is most likely easily shared or publicly disclosed to a certain limit, and the loss of confidential data would not impair your business reputation or finances critically.

As a general rule, low-medium security office buildings should not create excessive visitor access control system that would require special licensing or multiple-factor authentication of visitors. But even when you don’t need to meet the criteria of legal security audits, the visitor management system for the low-medium security office should include the following minimum elements:

  • Front desk visitor pass management system
  • Visitor badge printer
  • Printable access cards
  • CCTV system to monitor the building perimeter and public areas
  • Parking lot access control
  • Central visitor access control board
  • Visitor management system software
  • Fire, smoke and motion detectors

Depending on the needs of your business, you can decide to upgrade or downscale the system requirements. For example, small businesses set in residential buildings, educational and institutional organizations will be at the bottom of the scale of security classifications, and corporate, industrial and hazardous businesses will be at the top of the scale. For very large commercial buildings, it is important to consider how an automated visitor management system can be integrated into the overall building automation system (BAS), and include options for monitoring and control of HVAC and lighting systems as a measure of energy efficiency.

Visitor management system for a high security office building

High-security office buildings typically require advanced protection of data and systems by law, employing trained staff, and regular reporting and audits by official authorities. The loss of data or an attack on the system would significantly endanger the mission, the safety and the budget of a high-risk organization. It could also adversely impact people and resources important to a majority of stakeholders. The risk from an inadequate visitor access control can potentially result in mammoth lawsuit claims and detrimental consequences to people’s health and safety.

Imagine the effects of severed visitor access control of a building that works with public authority in areas such as ammunition and explosives, public archives and record storage, aviation, community services, courthouses, healthcare facilities, and land port of entry.  A dysfunctional system can stop the business altogether and an inaccurate manually produced visitor log report can create chaos.

When you are in charge of designing a visitor management system for a high-risk office, follow the lead of public buildings to create a security framework (look at this US Postal Services example) and adjust the design to the particular business needs.

Here are the ten most important security requirements you need to look into when setting up the visitor management system for a high-security office:

  1. Tighten the perimeter protection with appropriate fencing, turnstiles, doors and locks.
  2. Employ security staff in support of the video surveillance and motion sensor systems.
  3. Develop authority-based visitor access control.
  4. Complete security clearance for staff in vital roles.   
  5. Install emergency escapes.
  6. Create incident response plan and test it regularly.
  7. Conduct staff training.
  8. Implement stronger parking standards with personalized passes for visitors, clients and staff.
  9. Invest in two-factor authentication for inside security rooms and for the core area.
  10. Maintain a backup of the visitor management system log reports.
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