Review Created:
June 19, 2019
Brivo pricing


Company Overview

Founded in 2001, Brivo is an access control company based in Bethesda, Maryland that combines multiple products into one, complete system. They offer access control management, video security, mobile access, identity management, visitor identification, and elevator control, which can be activated as one system or used in a more modular way.

The company takes cybersecurity seriously, providing its clients with hardware and software that is designed to ward off attacks on data; even ones meant to compromise physical security. This makes it a good solution for high-security facilities. Cybersecurity will be increasingly important as technology and cyberattacks increase in complexity, so Brivo is well-positioned for the future in that regard.

Brivo Hardware

Brivo manufactures the following equipment, which can work independently or as part of a larger technology ecosystem of the company’s products:

  • Control panels
  • Mobile app
  • Access readers
  • Door locks and strikes
  • Unlimited event history

Major Features

Brivo offers complete custom systems to its clients. This means that almost every aspect of a security program can be included through the company. When potential customers request a quote, Brivo takes note of all of their wants and needs, suggesting the right products and eventually creating a hardware plan that is completely unique to that space.

It’s important to note that Brivo does not manufacture all of the products it advertises — rather, the company partners with other businesses. These manufacturers create products that are able to integrate with Brivo software and hardware. Products like security cameras, biometric access points, visitor entry intercoms and cellular connection devices need to be purchased from other providers, which could drive up costs at the last minute. Brivo can be easy to install without the help of contractors because its basic system only requires door readers and locks. Any more add-ons will probably require the help of a contractor or other professional, however.

Advantages of Brivo

  • Cloud-based access: Users can control their system from anywhere using Brivo’s cloud-based access control. This makes it easier to respond to alarms and keep up with any updates that need to be made.
  • Custom-designed systems: Brivo listens to the needs of its customers and in response designs a custom system specifically for their spaces, optimizing each of its products for all of their users.
  • Cybersecurity focus: Unlike other access control systems, Brivo builds its products with a focus on great cybersecurity, refusing to include it as an afterthought. This is great for facilities that need an increased layer of support and security.

Disadvantages of Brivo

  • Partner manufacturers: For customers that prefer to buy everything in-house, Brivo is unable to offer a complete system. Facility managers must reach out to outside businesses to get their hands on tech like security cameras and visitor intercom systems.
  • Vague pricing: Brivo requires that its customers call to request a quote. This draws out the ordering process and can be difficult for companies that know exactly what they want, as Brivo builds each space a unique system.
  • Poor customer service: Brivo does not offer live chat on its website, meaning that anyone with issues will likely have to call a customer support hotline and wait for service. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially in urgent situations that require immediate assistance.
  • Reduced alarm integrations: The Brivo system does not come with built-in fire or carbon monoxide alarms, meaning that a security system will be unable to pick up on these threats and alert administrators. This can be harmful to facilities that run the risk of fire, including ones with server rooms or any kind of construction.

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High-security facilities with money to spend will probably find Brivo to be a great fit, especially considering the company’s track record of success with cybersecurity. There are plenty of options available, and installing a complete system from the get-go is a good way to decrease confusion and stress during the process. However, a full Brivo system can be expensive and comes from multiple manufacturers, which can sometimes make customer service a particularly tedious issue.