The Best Access Control System Providers for Enterprises

An overview of the top brands best known for serving enterprises.
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The Best Access Control System For Enterprises

With enterprises, it is even more important for efficency in all aspects of operations. And this includes the aspect of access control too. On this page, you’ll find the most popular access control companies best known for their ability to serve enterprises: 

  • AMAG
  • Genetec
  • Lenel

These companies are best at understanding the complex security needs of enterprises and then creating customised solutions for them.

The Four Criteria for Ranking Access Control

  • Security Technology, System Type & Credential Options
  • Access Reporting, Visitor Management, & Time Tracking
  • Installation Requirements, Installation Ownership & Maintenance
  • Customer Support, Training Availability & Self-Service Documentation


Genetec is a Montreal-based provider of unified IP access control systems, license plate recognition and integrated video surveillance. The company is famous for providing software services to the law enforcement units for tracking down vehicle owners with unpaid fines, and for the intelligent enterprise access control tool called Synergis system.  

  • Genetec does not own a proprietary mobile access control solution; it is provided by the third-party partners in the ecosystem.

  • Multiple integrations with different hardware can slow down processes or affect other business applications.

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi owns and develop from ground up its own mobile access control solution. In fact, mobile access control is Kisi's core product.


Lenel is an open-architecture software provider of access control solutions, including web-based, cloud-deployable and mobile clients, as well as access control hardware that can be used on all main OS, across devices and platforms, and can be integrated with a number of third-party solutions.

  • Reporting capabilities are available only on specific mobile devices, not on all of them.

  • The cloud-based software is in its initial stages; OnGuard version 7.4 has just been released and can be therefore prone to vulnerabilities.

  • Higher system user training costs: prices include only course materials, and travel and accommodation costs are billed additionally.

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi's cloud-based software is its core product --- it is fully developed as opposed to being in its initial stages.

  • Kisi's transparent pricing is easy to understand and does not include additional / hidden fees


AMAG delivers enterprise access systems and video monitoring equipment and integrates security solutions by third party vendors. The company is part of the leading global security firm G4S. Their flagship product, Symmetry Access Control System, is an expandable solution suitable for small and large business alike.

  • Do not have off-the-shelf biometric readers which means you need to install third-party biometric devices

The Kisi Advantage

  • Kisi allows out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular Active Directory services such as Microsoft Azure AD or Google Apps.