Automate Provisioning with Kisi’s Directory Integrations

Streamline provisioning by connecting Kisi to Microsoft Azure or Google Suite.

Automated Provisioning

Seamless Employee On- and Offboarding with automated Provisioning

With Kisi you can share and revoke physical access from your dashboard. Additionally, you can manage this automatically using Azure Active Directory or Google Suite membership of your users. As members are on-and-off boarded from your directory, the integration will automatically sync with your Kisi directory, resulting not only in streamlined processes but also in higher security for your space. Just map the group in your directory to the right group in Kisi and they will synchronize between them.

The integration allows you to:

  • Sync employee details from your directory to Kisi
  • Quickly and simply roll out Kisi at multiple offices
  • Streamline directory management
  • Assign specific employees to desired locations
  • Automatically update your Kisi employee directory when you update your directory

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