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Kisi SCIM Feature

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) allows you to keep your user information up to date across all platforms. For the use case of connecting it to physical access control with Kisi, it means you only have to update the user information and de-provision accounts on your identity provider’s interface, and that will update access permissions for your doors. Changes are immediately reflected in your Kisi directory without having to manually edit information in our dashboard.

This makes the life of you as an admin and your workplace team much easier. Not only do you not have to repeat the same operation manually for each employee, but it also allows for a very precise and errorless procedure. In the end, you can focus on controlling and auditing the system rather than manually operating it.

In particular, SCIM makes sure that people that should not have access to your facility (specifically, people that have been removed from your user directory), cannot unlock doors within your organization and are entirely removed from the Kisi system. Whereas integrating with only SSO requires the admins to manually remove users that end up keeping access in case of delays or mistakes, SCIM makes sure that the de-provisioning happens smoothly.

Kisi SCIM dashboard
Kisi dashboard section dedicated to SCIM Setup

SCIM is only available on certain access control plans and must be configured in your dashboard. After this operation, it will be up and running and will not need any maintenance. SCIM 2.0 is currently available with Okta, OneLogin, and Azure but our integration portfolio is constantly expanding.

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