andcards + Kisi Integration

The andcards integration with Kisi will allow you to instantly grant coworking members access to the appropriate areas of the space, eliminating the need to make and track access cards and physical keys.

Purpose of Integration

With the andcards integration, user accounts are automatically synchronized into the Kisi app, allowing managers to control which areas they have access to. When members book a meeting room using andcards technology, the Kisi app will automatically grant access to the appropriate meeting room for the booker.


  • Grant your members automatic access to your space, based on membership tiers or other parameters, when they sign up
  • Ensure keys are instantly revoked when a membership is canceled or not paying
  • Allow members to access multiple locations from one application
  • Automate the onboarding and off-boarding process for all your members


  • andcards account
  • Kisi account

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