Kisi x Andcards Integration

By connecting your andcards account with Kisi, you will be able to seamlessly manage access permissions based on your membership tiers. This integration can bring exciting new revenue opportunities to your business, like charging for access to different areas within your space or offering 24/7 access to members.

Andcard mobile UI snapshot with Kisi integration

Purpose of the Integration

Kisi’s integration with andcards allows coworking spaces to automate access control for members, increasing both security and convenience. Because your andcards directory automatically syncs with Kisi, members will be granted access to your space based on their membership information, including when and where they have access. Plus, integrating your andcards management system with Kisi means members can be onboarded and off-boarded without wait time and allows members to unlock doors directly from their smart devices and access multiple locations easily. Additionally, integrating andcards with Kisi means more opportunity to monetize your space, by charging for meeting room and phone booth usage, or to extend your hours to become a 24/7 facility.


  • Sync andcards directory and member information automatically with Kisi’s directory
  • Ensure keys are instantly revoked when a membership is canceled or unpaid
  • Allow members to access multiple locations from one application
  • Change access based on membership tiers or unique parameters customized for your business
  • Automate the onboarding and off-boarding process for members
  • Members can unlock doors from their smartphone
  • Monetize on your meeting rooms and phone booths through access control
  • Extend opening hours to 24/7
  • Track access events for increased security and to understand usage


  • A Kisi account
  • An andcards account

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