GGoogle Calendar Door Unlock Timer

Get your doors on a programmed schedule that can be changed anytime.

How to Install
Integrate Google Calender

Unlock and lock your office door for extended periods of time from remote and on demand.

Here is how it will work:

1. Add your door (yes, your door) to a specific Google Calendar event and the door will stay open during those times. Wait. What?

Add doors

2. During the scheduled time the door will remain unlocked. It's not different than any of your regular meetings. With the little difference that it's not a person you are inviting here - but a door. Once added to the calendar - door is open during the meeting time.

We are serious - Here is how the first appointment of your door looks like, dead simple:

Google Calendar Appointment

Why did we develop this feature?

About 64% of small businesses experience employee theft - don’t let July 4th or Independence day become the day when no one is in the office and your door stays unlocked. Using the Kisi & Google Calendar Integration the office administrator can remotely control the schedule of doors which update in real time.

“Before, an office manager or often someone who was in the office by accident that day would have to change the physical door timer to not unlock the door next day” explains Maximilian Schuetz, Co-Founder at Kisi. “That included sprinting over to the office on a Sunday to change the local door timer. Now all those public holidays, religious holidays or spontaneous due-to-weather office closes can be remotely organized, changed and updated as simply as changing a meeting invite.”

To set up the integration of Kisi with the Google Calendar integration, administrators can simply create a google calendar and set up the integration in minutes. No additional hardware except the regular Kisi devices is needed.

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